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Which, do you think, is the best traffic exchange? What are the top traffic exchanges?

Visitors to this website are invited to cast their votes for the traffic exchange sites that have impressed them the most. Voters consider which exchanges were most effective in producing internet traffic and web hits to their sites - in particular, those noteworthy in generating free website traffic.

At the beginning of the following month we post here the names of the ten traffic exchanges which received the most votes. The count is purely statistical and tracking is controlled by software on this site.

A free traffic exchange is one of the best sources of online advertising and free website promotion. Thousands of users generate targeted traffic to their sites by this means. With little effort, you can increase web traffic to YOUR site by using a system specially designed to increase traffic for its members.

Note: This count is independently made - the owner of (Ivan Kelly) does not own or have a financial interest in any of the exchanges listed.

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Traffic Exchanges are often referred to as the "engine" of your marketing program. Join more than one and drive traffic to your website. Learning how to use them effectively can build a surge of traffic to your web pages. (There are dozens of articles provided on this site to help you achieve this.)

Quickly locate the traffic exchanges that are likely to produce the best results for you - according to those who use them. Each month we publish a list of those exchanges receiving the most votes. We invite all visitors to this site to indicate those they have found most useful as a source of web site traffic. At the beginning of the following month we publish the results below. Make Your Vote Count - Cast YOUR Vote Now.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you join a traffic exchange using a free email address, the verification email sent to you will often go to your junk folder. BE SURE to check your junk folder if you do not receive it. Also be sure to whitelist that exchange so you receive future important messages.

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